Monday, November 30, 2009

Hillary and the Democrats CD album design

These are the EP and CD album design I've made for my last assignment for Degree. I feel great for them. Why using a lunch bag to pack? Lunch always a optional meal for us to take or not to. We must take breakfast to restore our energy in the morning and take our dinner after a long working day. For the band, although they love music may not be everything for them in their live. They can take it or leave it optionally but it also seems like an essential for living. So?

This is the first logo i made for the UK local band. The reason why I'm using bunny head with a big smile on the face is because they wanna have a funny and funky image. They are fun and sometimes silly. The face expression of the bunny is a big H & D because the band named as Hillary and the Democrats. They said there is no meaning behind this name, just for fun.

After discussion and I've modified the bunny logo into a simple combination of HD to form a smiley face. Can't you see that?

Actually there are more to say, but I just stop and let you think in your way.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Logo design - 3 plus 1

This is one of my assignment that done in UK. That time my tutor has asked us to create our own logo as a team to help a band for their productions. The concept for this design which using 4 Chinese girls is because of our identities, 3 of them are having short hair and I'm the one who is having long hair.
I always go for cute stuff but actually, I love rock.

*Click on the pic for better quality. =)

Monday, November 02, 2009

album cover design

This is a band album cover design which I helped my friend's band to design. Their band named 2nd citizen. They are a Taiwan local band, which is not sponsor by any company so this is not for business use. The red color album is the final output artwork.

For my own, I like the one on the right which using a very rough surface as the background and with the gradient color from light to dark.

How do you guys think so?

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t shirt tag design

These are the tags I made in 2008 for my own t-shirt design. They are 6 colors to be choose and most of my friends have chosen blue color. Why?

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Logo Design - love music

This logo is for my friend's new music school which has named as Love Music School. This is not my original idea for the logo. We have share our ideas to get this logo. I think that by combining the treble clef and base clef together is just perfect to form a love shape and bring out the idea of love music. This blue color logo is the final one but actually i have made another which base more on my own style.

The pattern on the logos have changed to messy lines. The left one is using combination of black and pink lines while the right one with blue, pink and black.
This style is more trendy and funky with the colors which I love.

*Click on the pic for better quality. =)